Healthy Kids Lunch Idea

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Little Mashies Healthy Kids Lunch Idea


Take a peek in today’s menu! Pictured here is the Little Mashies bento lunchbox, Little Mashies pouch & cutlery from Little Mashies biodegradable dishwasher safe bamboo meal set for babies + toddlers + kids.


1. Pesto pasta with vegetables. We used chickpea pasta by San Remo. The chickpea pasta is good tummy buggy food (you can read all about it in our Tummy Buggies picture book). Pesto is homemade, and you can find some nice ideas in our blog post.
2. In the fruit compartment we have some strawberries and cucumber.
3. We also have a seed bar & choc chip cookie. Get some ideas for the seed bars in our blog post.


Little Mashies Healthy Kids Lunch Idea

4. We have some corn chips from Byron Bay Chilli.
5. In the small compartment is coconut, tigernuts, goji berries & inca berries. Tigernuts by the way are not nuts they are tubers - little root veggies. Inca berries are excellent source of antioxidants, which boast a delicious, yet surprisingly sweet and sour flavour. Dried goji berries are healthy food energy packed into small servings. Their rich, sweet taste, along with their high fiber content, can help you stay on track with eating healthy.


Little Mashies Healthy Kids Lunch Idea

6. In the Little Mashies reusable pouch today we have a chia pudding. If you search Little Mashies chia pudding a bunch of recipes will come up but this is the raspberry one from our healthy kids recipe book.


Little Mashies Healthy Kids Lunch Idea


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