Healthy Lunchbox for Kids

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This weeks lunch in Little Mashies leakproof bento lunchbox and Little Mashies reusable food pouch contains:


1. Rice paper roll with pulled slow cooked lamb, baby spinach, avocado & Roza’s Tartare

2. Cold left over roast potatoes chopped with slices of left over sausages. Cold potatoes are a source of resistant starch (good buggy food - see our new book Tummy Buggies for more info)

Tummy Buggies Book

3. Sakata Rice Crackers

4. Chopped carrots and Australian pitted prunes

5. In the treat centre circle there are tiger nuts coated in chocolate (see post on how to make) and our favourite ginger candies from Buderim.

ginger candies

6. Then just chopped apple in the last compartment.

7. In Little Mashies pouch Summer Fling Smoothie - you can find the recipe here




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