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Kid Friendly Lunchbox

Little Mashies reusable pouches, reusable wraps and reusable bags




Little Mashies Kid Friendly Lunchbox

Pictured here is the spork from the Little Mashies Bamboo Meal Set, Our purple reusable food pouches & our Little Mashies leakproof bento.


Great new lunch today! Tacos!

1. Black beans cooked with tomato purée and pineapple.

2. Taco salad mix is cheese, carrot & baby spinach.

3. The dip is carrot hummus and beetroot hummus. Check out some of our favourite dip recipes here.

Little Mashies Kid Friendly Lunchbox

4. The crackers are Mary’s Gone Crackers which are by far the best gluten free crackers available. 

5. The treat mix is goji berries, inca berries, Tigernuts and dark chocolate & the pouch is home made yoghurt with apple sauce.

Little Mashies Kid Friendly Lunchbox

6. The blue corn tortilla is from  Dona Cholita and it is non gmo, organic & gluten free.





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