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Apple Sauce ideas for baby food


Little Mashies reusable food wrap, reusable food pouches

 Apple Sauce Combos

Flavours to try:
Apple Sauce with Strawberries
Apple Sauce with Pumpkin
Apple Sauce with Mango
Apple Sauce with Spinach
Apple Sauce with Blueberries 

Apple Sauce Combos

Instructions :
Step 1: Peel and dice 1 cup of any variety of apple along with 1 cup of your fruit or vegetable of choice. If it is pumpkin or mango make sure you peel and take out the seeds first! Harder vegetables will need to be cut smaller than softer fruits and vegetables because they take longer to cook.

Step 2: In a steamer cook together for 10-15 minutes until soft, then blend in the blender. You can also bake fruits and vegetables for a richer taste!

Step 3: When fruit and vegetables are all cooked and soft blend together and freeze in ice cube trays or inside Little Mashies pouches. When we are serving in a Little Mashies sucky bowl we mix one apple sauce ice cube with plain natural yoghurt. In a Little Mashies pouch we usually just add a few ice cubes and let them melt while we are on our outing. You can check out our baby feeding range here.

Apples are great choice for one of the first food for your baby. They are full of nutrients and rich in two types of fibre – soluble and insoluble. They are easy to prepare and easy to digest, and babies just love them in any food combination.

For Baby Led Weaning and Older Kids

For baby led weaning you skip the baby food puree altogether and start with large (2 finger sized) pieces of the food. In this case you would serve finger sized pieces of apple to your baby. At this age I prefer actually just to give my baby a peeled apple, cut in half (and baked or steamed). I would of course serve this on our Little Mashies sucky platter! So in baby led weaning from 6-9mths of age foods should be the size of about 2 fingers so that the baby can pick it up and self feed, and be cooked well.
Why baby led weaning
From around 9mths with baby led weaning you chop the food very small (to avoid choking), about the size of 2 grains of rice. It's a small piece so if they swallow it whole they wont choke. In traditional baby food recipes this is the stage that you mash food so it has a little texture. Let your baby touch their food, squish it between their fingers, and yes sometimes make a mess. This is part of learning about food and learning to love it! We have a washy bib that can help with the mess! It also catches all the bits of food that they drop. I feel like with Lola (our second born) I would be doing 3 loads of washing a day if it wasn't for our washy bibs!
Baby led weaning size
At around 12mths of age in baby led weaning it goes up to bite sizes (and this is the same in non baby led weaning kids), about finger nail sized pieces. Around 18mths you can offer your little one larger serves again (so a whole apple for example, or quarters) so that they can learn to take smaller bites themselves, to chew, and to swallow.