Little Mashies are Australia's highest quality reusable food pouches. Because of their unique curved shape they are easy to clean and the wide 11cm anti-leak ziplock makes Little Mashies food pouches super easy to fill and incredibly strong. Most importantly though, kids of all ages LOVE the Little Mashies monsters, and that makes it super easy to feed them healthy, nutritious food no matter how fussy or tired they are. When children see Little Mashies they get excited, their eyes light up and they can't wait to get their hands on them. Here at Little Mashies we really care about our children's health so we provide you with delicious healthy recipes to put inside your reusable food pouches.

Little Mashies are great for home made yoghurt, perfect for pureed food, thick smoothies, chia puddings, ice-cream, and of course for storing baby food. Little Mashies make it really easy for you to give your child healthy and nutritious food which is additive, preservative and sugar free. As we always say here at Little Mashies HQ "It's what's inside that counts". At Little Mashies it's not just about food pouches. We continuously strive to make it quick and easy for busy households to afford and prepare delicious healthy food for children of all ages. Join thousands of parents from around the world and make meal time easy with Little Mashies.

Why are Mashies so great?

Mums all over the world say that Little Mashies are awesome because they help make feeding time EASY, they CLEAN in 30 seconds and they are come with over 50 recipes!


What are Little Mashies?

Little Mashies are refillable containers that have a super strong ziplock along the bottom so that you can put your own healthy purees, yoghurt or smoothies inside. They are reusable up to 100 times, dishwasher safe and freezable.

Every day we hear how Little Mashies have saved the day. From sneaking healthy food into undernourished little ones, to just having an easy to use container when out and about so you don't have to carry around a bulky container with utensils; Little Mashies have become the must have baby feeding product.

Use Little Mashies containers for:

- Home made baby food

- Yoghurt

- Smoothies

- Custard, Jelly, Mousse

What people say

Great value

"I’ve used mine every day for the past 3 months and they are still going strong. Amazing..I have saved so much money thank you!" (Posted by Emma)

Excellent Quality Item 

"I love these pouches, so easy to fill and wash. The fun artwork on them really appeal to children. Great for my 8 month old and my 5 year old in his pack lunches. I definitely recommend these." (Posted by Christy)

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  • Curved Shape

    No corners means Mashies are easy to clean first time, every time. Food rinses straight out. EASY TO WASH

  • Highest Quality

    Little Mashies have been tested to international standards. BPA Free and built to last. REUSE 100 TIMES

  • 50 Recipes

    Little Mashies come with over 50 baby food recipes to make introducing solids as easy as possible. WE SHOW YOU HOW

What's the lowdown?

We have thousands of great reviews, so if you need reassurance from other mums that Little Mashies is a fantastic product just have a scroll through the testimonials.

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Little Mashies has been featured on the front cover of Practical Parenting Magazine and in media right around the world. Contact us for our press kit.

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Where to Buy?

Little Mashies are sold in hundreds of health food stores, baby stores, pharmacies and independent grocery stores right around the country as well as internationally.

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How to Fill Mashies Pouches

Simply open the ziplock at the bottom and fill the reusable food pouch with a spoon, pitcher, or funnel. Fill your Little Mashies 3/4 full (or to the fill line) then close the ziplock. Wipe away any excess dribbles, take the cap off and give it to your cutie pie to squeeze and enjoy! To make sure the anti-leak ziplock is clicked into place press it firmly or bite it with your teeth until you feel it seal.

How to Wash Mashies Pouches

When you get home wash the pouch with warm soapy water and a bottle brush. Because of the curved shape food runs straight out. It takes about 20 seconds! Even left in a lunch box all day Little Mashies will clean easily because there are no corners or gussets for food to get stuck. This is what makes our product so great!

How to Dry Mashies Pouches

Place a whisk, spatula, or large spoon inside the pouch with the ziplock open and pop it in a glass on the window sill. It will dry overnight with the ziplock wide open and the cap removed. Creating airflow like this will help maximise the life of the reusable food pouch.

Introducing Solids

Starting solids can be a daungting experience. There is so much conflicting advice out there like when to start and what to start with. It's really hard to know what the right way to start feeding baby food is. We have put together a gorgeous starting solids guide book (click here) with a few simple recipes to help you with your journey into baby food. We also have a more comprehensive recipe book filled with over 30 recipes. You get this free when you order Little Mashies reusable food pouches or you can buy it directly from our store (here) if you would prefer.

Little Mashies reusable food pouches can be used as soon as you start your bub on solids, usually around 4-6mths. You can start by making healthy baby food in bulk and storing and transporting it in Little Mashies food pouches. Our baby food recipes are all suitable for freezing in our refillable food pouches (find them here). You can freeze your refillable baby food pouches and take them to the shops or on errands. Simply warm them up under a hot water tap, or defrost our reusable pouches in a bowl of warm water. 

  • Control ingredients

    Little Mashies allow parents to restrict sugars, preservatives, additives and other not so good ingredients. Necessary for most parents who value healthy food and absolutely critical for those with allergies or food intolerances.

  • Make meals fun

    Children squeal in delight when Little Mashies come out. Kids of all ages absolutely love the monsters and emotionally connect with them. For a parent this makes life just so much easier!

  • Get goodness in

    While the kids are distracted with the cute Mashies Monsters mum can sneak in whatever vegetables she likes. Kids don't even question it when it comes in a Little Mashies pouch!

What People Say

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