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Baby, Toddler & Kids

Tried and tested by thousands of parents around the world.

Reusable Food Pouches

Fill via the ziplock at the bottom & make your own baby food, yoghurt or smoothie pouches. Freezer safe, dishwasher friendly & BPA free.


"Absolute peace of mind knowing that I control what goes in every pouch and my kids still love every mouthful! They are just as easy to clean as you say they are!! Absolutely perfect product for a very food conscious mother. Love them and so do my 2.5 year old and 15 month old. Highly, highly recommend. Great service as well!"

– Micole

"My 4 year old son - who is the most fussiest of eaters has consumed smoothies containing of all things SPINACH thanks to this product. He loves the funny picture on the little mashie - which is a welcome distraction as we laugh our way through the superfood smoothie concoction. Excellent product!"

– Colleen

Bento Style Leakproof Lunchbox

Our "eat and reveal" concept uses the Mashies characters to encourage eating a range of foods.

Bamboo Plate Set

Eco friendly, dishwasher safe and biodegradable, our 5pc bamboo plate set is sure to delight.

Tummy Buggies Story Book

The adventure story that empowers kids and makes healthy eating fun.

Lunchbox Cooler Bags

Lay your bento flat, with enough room for an ice-pack, snacks and drink bottle.

Recipe eBooks

From babies, toddlers and kids Little Mashies has a range of full colour photographed recipe books that are sure to delight.


"I love that my kids can choose the pouch colour they like. Very easy to clean and a good serving size. They make a great ice block for lunch boxes. I have added frozen berries to yoghurt and no issues getting out of the pouch. The name section is really handy and they look different enough my 4 yo packs them back in his lunch bag."

– Liz

"Love this product! So easy to clean, so easy to fill and an all round high quality product! This is the perfect size for my 6yo or for my nut milk for coffee when I'm out and about!"

– Keiran


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