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This week in our lunch pictured:  Little Mashies bento lunchbox, Little Mashies pouch & cutlery from Little Mashies biodegradable dishwasher safe bamboo meal set for babies + toddlers + kids.


1. Today we have some leftover roast vegetables

2. Some brown rice cooked with sumac which sort of tastes something like lemon

3. We've got some dark chocolate covered tigernuts and nuts. The nuts are almonds and cashews, but if you're in nut free school you can leave out the almonds and cashews and just have the chocolate covered tigernuts. They're not actually nuts, they're tubers.

4. In the fruit compartment we've got a mandarine and some ginger candies. These are from Santos Organics, and it's a quiet spicy ginger but it's a great candy option instead of the chemical sugar filled ones.



5. We've got some Barambah yoghurt with fresh passion fruit. Passion fruit's in season at the moment.

6. We’ve got some chopped up vegetables. The spoon is from Little Mashies bamboo meal set 

7. In the reusable food pouch we've got chocolate mousse. Chocolate, chocolate mousse! Yum yum yum!


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