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Lentil, Spinach And Rice Baby Food Recipe

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Baby First Foods Six Months Old Lentil, Spinach And Rice Baby Puree

Homemade Lentil, Spinach And Rice Baby Puree Recipe

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1 cup of lentils (soaked overnight)
1 cup of rice (200g)
3-4 cups of home made stock or water
2 cup of spinach


Step 1: In a large deep skillet, over medium heat, combine the lentils and rice and cook for about 15 minutes. Add stock or water to keep mixture moist whilst cooking.
Step 2: Add in spinach and cook for a further 5 minutes. Then drain the liquid off keeping a little to the side for the blending process.
Step 3: Puree the spinach, lentils and rice in a food processor or blender, using a little of the cooking liquid to get a desired smooth consistency (4 tablespoons). You can also use breast milk or formula to mix with the puree.
Want the whole baby food recipe book free? YES Click here (use coupon code baby) 

For Baby Led Weaning and Older Kids

For baby led weaning you skip the baby food puree altogether and start with large (2 finger sized) pieces of the food. We would of course do this on our Little Mashies sucky platter! So from 6-9mths of age in baby led weaning foods should be the size of about 2 fingers so that the baby can pick it up and self feed. They also need to be well cooked so they are soft, and with no loose pieces (for example tiny florets that can break off on broccoli, or a slice of apple that's so thin it can break when gnawed on).
From around 9mths with baby led weaning you chop the food very small (to avoid choking). I would suggest 2-4 grains of rice in size. It's a small piece so that if they swallow it whole they won't choke. In traditional baby food recipes this is the stage where we mash food so it has a little texture. At around 12mths of age in baby led weaning the food goes up to bite sizes (and this is the same in non baby led weaning kids), about fingernail sized pieces. Of course some babies will be on a different timeline depending on whether they have heaps or a few teeth. Every baby is different and you just have to watch carefully and get to know how your baby is with food. Never leave them alone whilst eating, and I also recommend sitting them at a table with you for all meals if you can. It helps set the expectation for later in life and you can be a role model for how to eat well. Around 18mths you can offer your little one larger serves again (so a whole apple for example) so that they can learn to take smaller bites themselves, to chew, and to swallow.

Why is lentil a great baby food choice?

Lentils are excellent choice for baby food for they are creamy, tasty and very healthy. They are rich in protein, iron and fiber and are often overlooked when it comes to preparing healthy home made baby food. Lentils can be used in so many different ways!


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I love that store bought caps fit these. I love making my own food so these are an awesome way for my little one to eat. I found the first difficult to fill as you think it needs more but when you go to seal you realise you have put too much. The only improvement I would make to this product is a line as a guide to tell you it's full enough. But this is easy enough to work out. I have only had mine a week.
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