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Banana Baby Food Recipe

Homemade Banana Baby Puree Recipe for Little Mashies reusable food pouches

Homemade Banana Baby Food Puree Recipe

for Little Mashies reusable food pouches 


2 Ripe Bananas
2 tbsp. water/ breast milk/ formula



Step 1: Peel and cut a ripe banana into small pieces.

Step 2: Mash with a fork and add a little breast milk, water or formula to get a smooth consistency.

Step 3: If preparing baby food in bulk freeze the puree into ice-cube trays or straight into Little Mashies reusable food pouches, leaving a little room for expansion. 

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Baby Led Weaning with Banana

For baby led weaning you skip the baby food puree altogether and start with large (2 finger sized) pieces of the food. We would of course do this on our Little Mashies sucky platter! So from 6-9mths of age in baby led weaning foods should be the size of about 2 fingers so that the baby can pick it up and self feed. With a soft food such as banana you nee to watch your baby in case pieces break off.

Banana baby led weaning ideas Little Mashies baby suction plate

From around 9mths with baby led weaning you chop the food very small (to avoid choking). I would suggest 2-4 grains of rice in size. It's a small piece so that if they swallow it whole they won't choke. In traditional baby food recipes this is the stage where we mash food so it has a little texture. I suggest this is a good thing to do and if your baby is having difficulty with constipation you could hold back on introducing more foods and just stay a while longer in the puree and mashed stage.
At around 12mths of age in baby led weaning the food goes up to bite sizes (and this is the same in non baby led weaning kids), about fingernail sized pieces. Of course some babies will be on a different timeline depending on whether they have heaps or a few teeth. You can also offer banana in different ways. With nut butter, keeping the skin on as a handle, rolling sticks in chia seeds or hemp seeds. It’s great to offer variety as much as possible in the early years.
Every baby is different and you just have to watch carefully and get to know how your baby is with food. Never leave them alone whilst eating, and I also recommend sitting them at a table with you for all meals if you can. It helps set the expectation for later in life and you can be a role model for how to eat well. Around 18mths you can offer your little one larger serves again (so a whole apple for example) so that they can learn to take smaller bites themselves, to chew, and to swallow.

 Why is banana a great baby food choice? 

Banana is a fantastic first food for babies because it is rich in pectin, a soluble dietary fiber which is great for digestion. As your baby grows the beneficial bacteria in the gut is establishing itself laying the foundations for a healthy immune system, and banana helps provide the prebiotics to feed them. As your bub grows older banana can be a really fun finger food that they can smoosh and grab, enjoying its texture and taste. In our house one of our favourite banana recipes is frozen banana mixed with water or juice and put in a high speed blender. It makes delicious "ice-cream" and almost every kid I know loves it! You can even get creative and mix in a little cacao or different fruits to make different flavours. 


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Little Mashies reusable food pouch reviews 

Overall Great Purchase
I bought these pouches a few months ago and they are such a great idea and save heaps instead of buying disposable yoghurt pouches. They are pretty durable. It would be great if you might sell spare caps as my 5 year old daughter forgot and initially threw away a couple of caps when we first introduced them to her. It would also be good if the pouches maybe came in different sizes, you can't actually fit as much as I'd like in them. Overall a great purchase. With thanks :) 

So Cute and They Work Well Too
These little mashies pouches are so cute and work really well too. Unlike previous pouches I have bought before these are extremely easy to clean. My boys love having their yoghurt from their pouches. 

Little Mashies Are Made For Mums
I've tried a few different brands of these, but little mashies are made for mums. They're so so easy to clean! Easy to fill and have a great double seal. My toddler loves the design (especially during his problematic sensory stage where he would only eat if he couldn't see the food)..

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