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Baby Food Recipes 12mths +

Some families start introducing textures to their puree from about 6 1/2 months whilst others wait until around 8 months. There is no hard and fast rule. Every family, every culture, and every baby is different so the key is to be guided by your baby.

When your baby has good head control and can sit upright easily you can start experimenting with soft lumpy foods. As your baby doesn't have teeth it can be quite tricky for them to keep lumpy puree in their mouth and you may find this stage a bit messy. It may take quite a bit longer to get through a meal.

One way to keep your baby happy as they reach the independence stage is to give them their own spoon. That way they can feed themselves and you can also make sure some food actually goes in their mouth!

As your baby nears 10-12 months you can start to feed him or her versions of the family meal that may be roughly mashed or chopped into bite size pieces. This is such a fun stage and really there is no right or wrong. Take your time and most of all have fun with your little one so that meal time becomes a happy time.

You could start making your own yoghurt, or introducing your baby to fermented foods. Most cultures around the world have some type of probiotic food in their babies diet by this age. 

Lentil, Capsicum and Tomato  Quinoa Pea and Pesto Fish  Fish Pumpkin and Spinach  Potato Spinach and Egg Yolk  Chicken, Chickpeas and Tomato