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Stage 3 Baby Food Recipes 8-12 mths

Stage 3 contains puree combinations that are a little more complicated, including grains and meat, as well as spices. Depending on the age of your child you may make the purees thicker, or more of a mashed texture.

It’s a great idea to experiment with recipes rotating steaming and baking, or using the purees as a sauce to coat finger foods, pasta, rice or on top of toast.
Get creative and if your baby is fussy get vegetables into them via smoothies or inside Little Mashies pouches. We have a great smoothie recipe book about to be released.

For older babies Little Mashies can be used for smoothies and yoghurt, as well as purées and dips. They can be frozen and used as an ice pack, or defrosted in a bowl of warm water when needed.

We also use Little Mashies for healthy custards, mousse and dairy -free home made yoghurts.

Curd, Rice & Spinach Puree  Apple, Blueberry & Spinach Puree  Chicken, Potato & Leek Puree  Cheesy Salmon, Potato & Pea  Potato Corn Puree