Stage 2 Baby Food Recipes 6-8 mths

Stage 2 consists of foods that are a little more acidic, or harder to digest. This stage also marks the introduction of more complicated food combinations. Puree foods well and add a little liquid so that they are smooth and runny.

We love to include home made organic/grass fed bone broth in our recipes (1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon) to make the puree more smooth and extra nourishing. Bone broth contains the unique combination of essential amino acids, minerals and gelatin that repair and grow cells.

If your family does not yet make bone broth feel free to make puree smoother using any liquid including cooking juices, home-made stock, breast milk, water or formula.

At this stage Little Mashies can be used to feed your baby, to freeze your baby food or to take home made baby food with you on outings.

Cauliflower Broccoli Baby Puree  Apple and Banana Baby Puree  Banana and Avocado Baby Puree  Blueberry and Banana Baby Puree  Meat and Vegetable Puree