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Stage 1 Baby Food Recipes 4-6 mths

Stage 1 is where your baby tries solid food for the first time. It is usually around 6 months of age although some countries advocate solids from 4 months old. Always try just one food at a time and start with only a small amount (a teaspoon full is fine). Leave 2-3 days between introducing each new food. Introduce each new food mid morning so that if there is a bad reaction it is easy to seek medical help. It’s best to feed a little milk (breast or formula) about half an hour before so that your baby does not get frustrated (which happens if they are super hungry).

 Once your baby has tried a few fruits and vegetables you can mix and match the food purees that the baby is ok with. Different cultures recommend different foods for a child’s first meal. Here we focus on fruit and vegetables, but some cultures introduce baby rice porridge or bone broth in this stage also. Please seek advice from your doctor about what is best for your baby. At this stage, if you use Little Mashies reusable pouches you would use them as a container to store and transport your home made baby food.

Zucchini baby food puree  Pear Baby Food Puree  Carrot Baby Food Puree  Avocado Baby Food Puree  Banana Baby Food Puree