Reusable Food Pouches Boho Kids
Reusable Food Pouches Boho Kids
Reusable Food Pouches boho yoghurt and baby food Little Mashies
Reusable Food Pouches Boho Kids
Reusable Food Pouches Boho Kids
Reusable Food Pouches Boho Kids
Reusable Food Pouches Boho Kids

Reusable Food Pouches Boho Kids

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Little Mashies reusable food pouches in the new boho designs. Sun, rainbow and cactus.

Fill for your kids reusable pouch with yoghurt, smoothies, chia puddings, baby food & more.

    Reusable Food Pouches make it easy to buy yoghurt in bulk and send your own flavour combinations to school or daycare. Add in chia seeds, or other super food ingredients to increase the nutrition of your child's food. Control added sugar, preservatives and additives and only put in the pouch the best food of your choosing. 

    Reusable Pouches by Little Mashies have been sold for 10 years in Australia and overseas. They have a proven reputation as high quality and easy to use. See through when held up to the light, but opaque to little kids eyes, these refillable pouches will serve you well!

    Free shipping in Australia + 30 day money back guarantee!

    Comes with free access to our 4 recipe books (baby food, kids snacks, smoothies & fermented foods)

    • Fill ~ Eat ~ Wash ~ Reuse
    • Double zipper at the bottom 
    • Anti-choke cap
    • Designed in Australia, family biz
    • BPA free, phthalate free, no PVC

    Australia's best selling reusable baby food pouches by Little Mashies are loved by babies and parents. Baby feeding and starting solids is easy with Little Mashies reusable pouches.

    Why do parents love our reusable food pouches?

    The simple reasons are that you can control what goes inside the pouch, you can save money, and you can help the environment. Little Mashies are the highest quality pouches, designed in Australia, with free recipes and anti-choke lids.

    Older toddlers and kids love the refillable boho designs with the sun, rainbow and cactus in soft muted colours. This 10pk is great for taking yoghurt to school, chia puddings, healthy home made mouse or thick smoothies in your own refillable pouch. 

    Our customers tell us over and over again in reviews that their babies love the monster faces on the reusable pouches. They adore the big, cute eyes, the friendly faces, and they fall in love. It mean's you can put just about anything in our Little Mashies food pouches and your baby will slurp it down. This is a HUGE deal! As a mum, ensuring my kids eat enough healthy food is a huge priority.

    Little Mashies pouches

    Little Mashies reusable food pouches are also fantastic when your baby enters the independent phase and wants to feed themselves. This can be a really tough time as a parent trying to get wholesome food into your little one. It's reassuring to let them hold the baby food pouch and feed themselves, all the while you know that there is homemade baby food inside. 

    Little Mashies reusable food pouches have been loved by Australian mums for almost a decade!

    Little Mashies loved by mums

    Little Mashies are the highest quality reusable baby food pouches on the market and are loved so much because they are super easy to clean (no corners) and they DO NOT leak!  Many mums have used their reusable baby food pouches for multiple children, for baby food, yoghurt, then preschool or kindy snacks and smoothies. All Little Mashies baby feeding products are BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free. They contain no nasties.

    Little Mashies refillable ood pouches are perfect for yoghurt or baby food!

    They even come with over 50 recipes so you will never run out of ideas!

    Little Mashies reusable baby food pouches are an absolute lifesaver when you need to feed your baby on the go and you don't want to carry a bowl and spoon, or clunky container. They are freezable so they can be used as an ice pack or put your baby food inside and then freeze the pouches. To warm them up simply run the reusable pouches under a warm stream of water from the tap, the baby food temp will be perfect.

    With our reusable food pouch recipes you can make:

    - Yoghurt pouches

    - Baby Food Pouches (sweet, savoury, meat & veg)

    - Chia Pudding pouches

    - Smoothie pouches

    - Healthy meal ideas blended

    - BLW ideas

    Reusable Yoghurt Pouches

    The reason Little Mashies reusable baby food pouches are so easy to clean is because of their curved design. They have absolutely no corners for baby food to get stuck in. They are dishwasher safe but we find it is super easy to just use a bottle brush for 30 seconds and clean them like you would with a baby bottle. Holding upside down, the food washes straight out the spout, like a funnel.

    To fill Little Mashies baby food pouches simply open the double ziplock at the bottom and spoon the food in. If the food is too runny to go on a spoon it probably needs to be a little thicker to use properly in a food pouch.

    Little Mashies baby food pouches have a 140ml capacity. Different foods will fill the pouch up differently but we have a fill line on the back of the pouch and most things are best served at 110mls. This is around the same size as single use baby food and yoghurt pouches.

    BLW? Check out our range of non toxic dishwasher safe suction platters!

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    Do our reusable food pouches fit the Infantino squeeze station? Yes they do! But they are also super easy just to fill with a spoon via the wide ziplock at the base.

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    Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns or issues with your Little Mashies products. We will do our absolute best to solve any problems immediately.

    If you change your mind about any of your Little Mashies products you can return them within 30 days (used or unused), for a full refund minus the shipping costs.

    If you have received a faulty item we will replace your purchase free of charge and will cover all of the shipping costs.

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    Little Mashies products are BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free and Lead Free. 


    It's easy! There are no corners or gussets for food to get stuck so cleaning is an absolute breeze for all of our products. This saves time and that makes us happy! There is nothing worse that getting frustrated with fiddly products.


    If you hold Little Mashies reusable pouches towards light (window or artificial) you can see all the way through the pouches to check that they are perfectly clean. This clever feature means that although you can see what's inside fussy children can not.


    Little Mashies products stand the test of time because we are continuously looking for ways to offer the best to our customers. For years our products have proven their strength and quality due to our manufacturing techniques and materials used.


    Our Little Mashies designs make meal times fun! This makes it easier for parents to feed their children healthy food which sometimes might not be received well. We receive hundreds of emails every month thanking us for the help that Little Mashies products provide during times when children are either tired, fussy or sick. Kids of all ages get excited to eat out of Little Mashies products.  


    We make our Little Mashies with the best components available and this is why our products last so long. At every stage of production we choose the best because we know that when it comes to our kids and families only the best will do.


    Our Little Mashies products are recyclable and reusable. We run both a silicone recycling program and a baby pouch recycling program. All of our packaging and brochures are made from recycled materials and at every stage of our business we strive to make environmental friendly choices. We offset our carbon through our hemp farm near Byron Bay, and use the hemp oil to make clean beauty products.


    Our factories have above standard working conditions and we continually improve our processes wherever we can. We are a woman led company with above average wages and flexible working conditions for our team.



    Little Mashies has featured on the front cover of Practical Parenting Magazine, Kidspot, Babyology, My Child, Lifestyle Food, Daily Mail and Glamour Magazine to name a few.


    Little Mashies has been supporting mums with feeding their families for a decade.

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