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Little Mashies Kids Snacks ebook

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Perfect for older babies, toddlers and kids; our Food For Thought recipe book contains 25 healthy squeezable recipes that the whole family will love! From our mini shepards pies, to our incredible sweet and savoury mousses and custards, all recipes are SUGAR FREE and gluten free.

Our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus offer a wide variety of tastes, whilst our treats menu offers healthier versions of store bought sweets. The mint choc chip ice-cream with hidden spinach is my favourite, but the blueberry mousse is so delicious and actually quite hard to put down! This recipe ebook is for anyone who needs inspiration for squeezable ideas for children over 12 months of age (some recipes contain honey). For younger babies we have a baby puree recipe book with loads of ideas for introducing solids. 

Be sure to hashtag your creations with #littlemashies so that we can admire your work!