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DIY Probiotics ebook


Our DIY Probiotics ebook will teach you how to make your own fermented food and beverages that the whole family will love! With step by step instructions our recipes have been formulated with gut health in mind. Watch the video below for a quick preview of what the ebook looks like then order your copy! 


The best thing that happened to my daughter and I was being introduced to fermented drinks and foods and seeing the incredible affects that the naturally occurring wild probiotics within the foods had on our health. 

  • fermented foods can help with IBS and IBD
  • fermented foods¬†can reduce bloating, constipation and diarrhoea
  • fermented foods¬†can improve mood and depression
  • fermented foods¬†can help restore functions of the gut
  • fermented foods¬†can help process vitamins and minerals
  • fermented foods¬†can fight bad bacteria and overgrowths
  • fermented foods¬†can improve acne and skin conditions
  • fermented foods¬†can help reduce inflammation
  • fermented foods¬†can boost the immune system

We really hope you enjoy your DIY Probiotics recipe book and we would love to hear your feedback when you receive your copy.