Stockists Western Australia

Abundant Health Pemberton 

Shop 1, Ellis Street
Pemberton WA 6260

Aster & Ruby

Shop 5, Dolphin Quay 37 Dolphin Drive
Mandurah WA 6210

Attipas by Emma - Geraldton

11 Ada Wynd
Wandina WA 6530

Baby by BabyMamas

1 Altona Street
Beeliar WA 6163


30 Frobisher Street
Osborne Park WA 6017

Broome Natural Wellness

21 Broome Boulevard Shopping Centre Fredrick St.
Broome WA 6725

Denmark Pharmacy

20 Strickland Street
Denmark WA 6333

Eco Shack

1 Banksia Close
Leeman WA 6514

Exmouth Wellness Centre

Shop 3A Kennedy Street
Exmouth WA 6707

Farmer Jacks Halls Head

1/20 Peelwood Parade
Halls Head WA 6210

Farmer Jacks Gwelup

706 North Beach Road

Friendlies Chemist Subiaco

136 Rokeby Road
Subiaco WA 6008

Geegelup General Supplies

130 Hampton Street
Bridgetown WA 6255

Go Vita Bunbury

Shop 4 Bunbury Forum S/C
Sandridge Road
Bunbury WA 6230

Good Life @ Albany

59a Lockyer Avenue

Good Life Innaloo (Go Vita)

Shop 1119 Westfield S/C Innaloo
Innaloo WA 6018

Good Life @ Stirling

Shop 5 Stirling S/C, Stephen Street

Goodlife Warwick

Shop 24 Warwick Centro S/C
Cnr Beach & Erindale Roads
Warwick WA 6024

Health Kick @ Kwinana

Shop T83 Kwinana Market Place
Kwinana Town Centre WA 6167

Health Kick Melville

Shop 10B Plaza Shopping Centre
390 Canning Highway
Melville WA 6156

Health Kick Rockingham

Shop GO81 1 Council Avenue
Rockingham WA 6168

Health Kick @ Spearwood

Shop 7 Phoenix S/C, 254 Rockingham Road
Spearwood WA 6163

Healthy Choice Baldivis

ShopT60 Stockland
Sasety Bay Rd
Baldvis WA 6171

Healthy Life Organics

21b Lowood Road
Mount Barker WA 6324

Jacks Wholefoods and Groceries Claremont

23 St Quentins Avenue
Claremont WA 6010

Joondalup Pharmacy

1/155 Willespie Drive
Pearsall WA 6065

La Vida Vegan Grocery

290C Cambridge Street

Living Life Purely

10399 Bussell Highway
Witchcliffe WA 6286

My Health Market Midland

T15 Midland Gate Shopping Ctr
Midland WA 6056

My Healthy Place Floreat

Shop 17 Floreat Forum
Howtree Place
Floreat WA 6014

Mosman Park Supa Iga

1/130 Wellington St
Mosman Park WA 6012

My Healthy Place Karrinyup

Shop G39
200 Karrinyup Rd
Karrinyup WA 6018

Natures Choice Health Products

126 Marine Terrace
Geraldton WA 6530

Onslow Pharmacy

32 Second Ave
Onslow WA 6710

Precious Organics

92 Bawdan Street

Sisters Supa IGA

M7/Lvl 1 Lakeside
420 Joondalup Dr
Joondalup WA 6027

Solomon Merchants

4/21 Sanford Road

Stay Healthy Subiaco

Shop 5, 180 Rokeby Road
Subiaco WA 6008

Stay Healthy Warnbro

Shop 15 Warnbro Fair
Warnbro WA 6169

The Barefoot Tribe

41 Downes St
Esperance WA 6450

The Barefoot Tribe Shop 2

109A Dempster street
Esperance WA 6450

The Clean Food Store

214a Nicholson Rd
Subiaco WA 6008

The Good Life Shop Dog Swamp

Shop 7
6 Wanneroo Road
Yokine WA 6060

The Health Nut @ Albany

30 Peels Place
Albany WA 6330

House of Babes

100 Hannan Street
Kalgoorlie WA 6430

The Market Place Ballajura IGA

10/12 Illawarra Crescent North

The Mundaring Pharmacy

4/5 Nichol Street
200 Karrinyup Rd
Mundaring WA 6073

The Organic Circle

Shop 1 Pioneer Village ,7 Albany Hwy
Armadale WA 6112

The Organic Hub and Kids Treasure Box

33 Millar Street
Waroona WA 6215

The Plant Organic Cafe & Market

Shop 1 20 Stephen St
Bunbury WA 6230

The Raw Source

24 Sydenham St
Beckenham WA 6107

Tiny Giant Geraldton

Shop 3, 167 Northwest Coastal Highway
Geraldton WA 6530

Wild and Woods

2/237 Naturaliste Terrace
Dunsborough WA 6281

Woodlands Village Pharmacy

Shop 7 Woodlands Village SC, Cnr Rosewood/Birchwood Avenue
Woodlands WA 6018

BABY feeding FAQS

Simply add it to the cart, pop in the coupon code, and it will remove 100% of the price.

At 6 mths of age you can introduce a range of puree's to your baby (see our baby food recipe book and use coupon code RECIPE to remove 100% of the price at the checkout).

For baby led weaning you skip the baby food puree altogether and start with large (2 finger sized) pieces of the food. We would of course do this on our Little Mashies sucky platter! So from 6-9mths of age in baby led weaning foods should be the size of about 2 fingers so that the baby can pick it up and self feed. They also need to be well cooked so they are soft, and with no loose pieces (for example tiny florets that can break off on broccoli, or a slice of apple that's so thin it can break when gnawed on).

From around 9mths with baby led weaning you chop the food very small (to avoid choking). I would suggest 2-4 grains of rice in size. It's a small piece so that if they swallow it whole they won't choke. In traditional baby food recipes this is the stage where we mash food so it has a little texture.

At around 12mths of age in baby led weaning the food goes up to bite sizes (and this is the same in non baby led weaning kids), about fingernail sized pieces. Of course some babies will be on a different timeline depending on whether they have heaps or a few teeth.

Every baby is different and you just have to watch carefully and get to know how your baby is with food. Never leave them alone whilst eating, and I also recommend sitting them at a table with you for all meals if you can. It helps set the expectation for later in life and you can be a role model for how to eat well. Around 18mths you can offer your little one larger serves again (so a whole apple for example) so that they can learn to take smaller bites themselves, to chew, and to swallow.

It is widely recognised that babies should start solids around 6 months of age. At this time reusable baby food pouches can be really convenient to take your homemade healthy puree with you when you are out and about. Spoon attachments are available so you can feed your baby directly from the pouch from 6 months old. Without a spoon attachment babies usually start feeding themselves pouched food around 8 months old. This is when they hit their independant phase and what to do everything themselves. A pouch is a lot cleaner than a bowl and spoon in these circumstances. We do however advise that you give your baby a variety of meals, not just ones that are in a refillable pouch.

Refilling your reusable yoghurt pouches is easy! Simply turn the reusable food pouch upside down and open the wide double ziplock at the bottom of the pouch. Once the zipper is open you can spoon yoghurt into the pouch or pour it in (out of a jug or bottle).

If you are concerned about making a mess you can use a kitchen funnel so that all of the yoghurt stays away from the yoghurt pouch zipper.

Another idea that we commonly do at home when filming videos (but it would also be useful when holding a baby in one arm), anyway.. the idea is that you put the pouch upside down in a glass (with the lid on), open the ziplock and the glass acts like a second hand, holding the pouch still whilst you spoon the yoghurt in. This is what I do when I only have one hand to use for the refill!I also tend to refill my reusable yoghurt pouches in bulk. I'll buy a good quality yoghurt from Coles or Woolworths and will fill a whole 10pk of pouches in one go so they are all ready for snacks on the go.

My kids always want to eat when they are out and refilling the reusable pouches one at a time just doesn't work for us. The only time i do that actually is when I've pureed a meal that my toddler refused, put it in a reusable pouch, and given it to her again. Oh and the other time I do singles.. there are two actually. When we go for ice-cream (it is so much cleaner when in a pouch), and when I have leftover smoothie (again, it stops me getting smoothie all through my car, pram, or playroom).

Little Mashies refillable yoghurt pouches are compatible with pouch filling machines that are on the market. Our spout is universal so even though we don't think you need a filling machine, our reusable pouches will fit. All of our yoghurt and baby food pouches come with anti-choke lids as standard.

Cleaning reusable baby food pouches is easy! We have designed Little Mashies refillable yoghurt pouches without corners so there are no places for food to get stuck (we would hate your little one to get sick from old food stuck in corners)!

When you open the ziplock you can see all the way through the pouch to ensure it is clean. If you have a dishwasher you can clean the pouch using that, otherwise you can wash your reusable baby food pouches by hand and this takes around 20 seconds. Little Mashies squeeze pouches are BPA Free and are safe to wash with warm water.

If you need some meal ideas for your refillable pouch you can find home made yoghurt here, baby food recipes here, and pouch smoothie recipes here.

Now, to clean your Little Mashies food pouches by hand simply open up the ziplock at the bottom and take off the cap. Run warm water through the open ziplock with the baby pouch facing downward so the water comes out of the spout and into the sink. The shape of Little Mashies reusable pouches acts like a funnel, pushing out food and making the pouch very easy to clean.

To start washing your reusable pouch, squirt some dishwashing liquid into the refillable pouch, then use a baby bottle brush to clean the inside walls (just like a baby bottle). To clean the spout use a straw brush (like the ones we have here), and clean it in the same manner that you would clean the teat from a baby’s bottle. Give the reusable pouch a rinse and place it over a kitchen utensil in the drying rack to dry. If you don’t have time to dry it fully place it in the freezer until you are ready to use it again. Do not put wet reusable food pouches in dark cupboards or draws. They are very easy to dry if you have removed the cap, and placed something inside the zipper to keep the pouch open (we use a whisk, tongs or a spatula).

Note that if you continuously wash your pouches in the dishwasher the high temperature will make the zipper wear out more quickly. At home we wash our pouches mostly by hand because it is so quick and easy and then just use the dishwasher when we have had loads of kids over and served reusable yoghurt pouches or smoothies to them all.

Oh and while I remember if you use the code RECIPE at the checkout it will remove 100% off the price of the baby food recipe ebook so you can get some inspiration for your refillable pouches.

Some parents start introducing a sippy cup or straw cup to their babies around 6 mths of age. This can make it easier to transition from breastmilk or bottle feeding around 12 mths of age. Most paediatricians recommend babies 18 mths or older use an open sippy cup rather than a bottle, so anytime before then is fine. This is why we have a 4 in 1 sippy cup, so that you don't have to purchase seperate products as your baby moves through the stages of learning how to swallow and drink. To shop the Little Mashies silicone sippy cup, check out our baby feeding range here.

All of our baby food recipes are contained within our ebook. You can get a free download by using the coupon code RECIPE at the checkout. Simply add it to the cart, pop in the coupon code, and it will remove 100% of the price.