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Probiotic Dried Fruit

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Recently Science Direct published a study about infusing apple cubes with probiotics before then drying them. The concept was to create a probiotic fruit snack that had the same level of probiotics as commonly consumed yoghurt products. It’s quite an interesting concept (you can read the study here) and it lead me to think about a few ideas...

Firstly is this something we could do at home? What I’m imagining is mixing some therapeutic probiotic powder with a liquid then using a syringe to inject it into a fruit, leave a day and then dry in the dehydrator. That’s one idea.. The second way I thought to do it would be to make cultured fruit (cut fruit up and put it in a jar for 24hrs with fermented liquid ie coconut kefir or milk kefir) and then slice the fruit and dry it after it’s been inoculated with the good bacteria.

The next thought I had was if this has been done before or if it is available commercially. So a quick google.. There is a probiotic prune! Now the question I have on this one is “has this strain of bacteria been shown to have therapeutic benefits to humans?”.. let’s take a quick look! So the probiotic strain is actually called Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30,6086 and there are a few scientific studies on it. From what I can gather it can help increase numbers of other proven beneficial antiinflammatory bacteria strains and this is great! Who knows though if the company paid for those research studies but the main take away from this is that it could be both fun and healthy to try a “made at home” version of probiotic infused dried fruit!! If you have a dehydrator it’s an easy experiment to do!

DM me how you go!

xox Talisha