Oatmeal Parfait Filling Alternatives

Wow! This oatmeal parfait recipe by Goodful was so delicious that we just had to try it out with other fillings. My all time favourite was filling them with our coconut chocolate panna cotta! Oh my gosh YUM! You can get the recipe here

Choc Coconut Panna Cotta

Our next favourite filling is a little strange but we absolutely LOVED it! It kind of tasted like apple pie. It is our Apple Sauce recipe which has actually been fermented/ cultured with probiotics so it has the extra benefit of being great for the gut! You can get the recipe here

Little Mashies cultured apple sauce recipe

Now the third and final flavour we tried inside these delightful little treat casings was our Little Mashies healthy nice-cream! It was superb! You can get the recipe for nice-cream here - don't be fooled by how it looks, it tastes sensational!

Little Mashies healthy nice-cream recipe

I hope these extra ideas lead you to experimenting with new and exciting flavours inside your little oatmeal parfaits! We have had so much fun with this recipe, it really has been awesome!


Talisha & Ariella (Little Mashies makers)



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