Orange Cardamom Kefir

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Orange Cardamom Kefir


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1 x Fermenting Jar
1 x Funnel
1 x Plastic Strainer
1 x Storage Jar
1 x Plastic Spoon

4 Tbsn Water Kefir Grains
4 Tbsn Raw Sugar
1 Tspn Molasses or a pinch of bicarb soda
4 Cups Filtered Water
2 Cups orange juice
1/4 Tspn Cardamom powder

Step 1:
Place water kefir grains into the fermenting jar using a plastic spoon.

Step 2:
Add Filtered Water, sugar and molasses to fermenting jar. Stir well until all is dissolved.

Step 3:
Leave the fermenting jar with the cap loosely closed on top of your bench top if you live in a warm environment. Alternatively if you live in a cool environment place the jar in a warm (but not hot) part of the house. Anywhere from 22-30 degrees Celsius is fine. Different strains of microbes are more active at different temperatures.

Step 4:
Check your kefir a couple of times a day. Give the bottle a little nudge and see if bubbles appear (this shows fermenting has started). If the lid is airtight let a little bit of air out and see if you hear any hiss of gas escaping. You can try a little bit each time to familiarize yourself with how the flavor develops.

Step 5:
After approximately 24-48 hours your kefir will be ready. If you have used an airtight fermenting jar or bottle the kefir is likely to be fizzy. If your vessel was not completely airtight it will not have bubbles. If it tastes overly sweet you can continue to ferment it until some of the sweetness reduces. To access whether fermentation is taking place move the jar slightly and see if bubbles appear.

Step 6:
When finished, place a strainer over your storage jar and pour the water kefir through the strainer so all the kefir grains are caught and the liquid is collected in a second jar or bottle.

Step 7:
Combine the kefir and orange juice (equal parts) in your storage bottle. Add cardamom powder, stir well, and leave to ferment on the bench top for 12 hours. If you seal the bottle well, the kefir will become fizzy.

Step 8:
After 12 hrs open your kefir and taste it. If you are happy with the taste transfer it into the fridge and start consuming.


Orange Cardamom Kefir


Take me to the store… I want to see the recipe book


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