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Cultured Carrots

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Cultured Carrots


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6-8 organic carrots, sliced into sticks
2 cloves of garlic, peeled and minced
2 fresh kaffir lime leaves, stalks removed
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated
20g celtic sea salt
1L filtered water

Step 1:
Add the salt to the water to make the brine mixture. For firm vegetables we always make a 2% brine, but it is acceptable to make it anywhere between 2-3.5%. Stir to dissolve the salt and set the mixture to the side.

Step 2:
Wash carrots, remove stems and slice them into 0.5cm thick sticks. It’s great if you can cut them so that they are about an inch or so under the height of the mason jar.

Step 3:
Add the garlic, ginger and kaffir lime leaves to the bottom of the mason jar.

Step 4:
Arrange the carrot sticks in a vertical fashion inside the jar. Your aim is to squeeze in as many sticks as possible so that they are all wedged in tightly and unable to come loose.

Step 5:
Pour the brine into the jar, covering the carrots and filling to about 1 inch below the top of the jar.

Step 6:
Create a “plug” with a cabbage leaf and core (as described in the kraut video), or use a commercial fermenting weight to ensure the carrot sticks remain underneath the brine during the fermentation process. You can also cut larger pieces of carrot and arrange them inside the jar horizontally in the wider section of the jar so that they act like a plug, stopping the vertical pieces of carrot from rising.

Step 7:
Place the lid on the jar and ferment your carrots at room temperature (about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius) for 7-10 days. Keep the jar out of direct sunlight and remember to check your carrots daily to ensure none rise above the brine. Release the gasses and watch for bubbles in the mix! Both are great signs that the lactic acid bacteria are multiplying and working their magic.

It’s a great idea to taste your cultured carrots every 3 days so you can work out how tart you like them. The longer the vegetables ferment the more tart the taste will be.


Cultured Carrots


Send me the 80 page recipe ebook