50 Baby Puree Recipes by Little Mashies

Starting solids can be a daungting experience. There is so much conflicting advice out there like when to start and what to start with. It's really hard to know what the right way to start feeding baby food is. We have put together a gorgeous starting solids guide book (click here) with a few simple recipes to help you with your journey into baby food. We also have a more comprehensive recipe book filled with over 30 recipes. You get this free when you order Little Mashies reusable food pouches or you can buy it directly from our store (here) if you would prefer.

Little Mashies reusable food pouches can be used as soon as you start your bub on solids, usually around 4-6mths. You can start by making healthy baby food in bulk and storing and transporting it in Little Mashies food pouches. Our baby food recipes are all suitable for freezing in our refillable food pouches (find them here). You can freeze your refillable baby food pouches and take them to the shops or on errands. Simply warm them up under a hot water tap, or defrost our reusable pouches in a bowl of warm water. You can also get spoons that attach directly onto the spout of our reusable food pouches to feed your baby directly from the Mashies food pouches. These food pouch spoons can be purchased from most chemists.

When your baby hits the independence phase he or she will want to be in charge of feeding. You can use Little Mashies reusable food pouches to reduce the mess involved in this baby food stage. Simply give them the food pouch with your healthy home made food inside, and make it easy for yourself. Of course remember to remove the lid from the food pouch before you give it to your baby.

When your baby is older you can use Little Mashies refillable food pouches for yoghurt and smoothies for daycare. Older school kids use food pouches for smoothies, yoghurt, healthy chocolate mousse, home made custard, jelly etc. 

When you order Little Mashies reusable food pouches you not only get the highest quality product but you get over 50 beautiful recipes to help you through your journey from starting solids to school lunch boxes. Our aim is to make your life easier and to help you feed your child delicious, nutritious healthy food.