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Little mashies, about us

What are Little Mashies?

Little Mashies are refillable containers that have a super strong ziplock along the bottom so that you can put your own healthy purees, yoghurt or smoothies inside up to 100 times. Control ingredients; ensure the best start in life.

Why are Mashies so great?

Why are Mashies so great?

Mums all over the world say that Little Mashies are awesome because they help make feeding time EASY, they CLEAN in 30 seconds and they are come with over 50 recipes!

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Little mashies - features

Curved Shape

No corners means Mashies are easy to clean first time, every time. Food rinses straight out. EASY TO WASH

Little mashies - High quality products

Highest Quality

Little Mashies have been tested to international standards. BPA Free and built to last. REUSE 100 TIMES

Little mashies - recipes

50 Recipes

Little Mashies come with over 50 baby food recipes to make introducing solids as easy as possible. WE SHOW YOU HOW

Little mashies Reviews

What's the lowdown?

We have thousands of great reviews, so if you need reassurance from other mums that Little Mashies is a fantastic product just have a scroll through the testimonials.

Little mashies in the press

In the Press

Little Mashies has been featured on the front cover of Practical Parenting Magazine and in media right around the world. Contact us for our press kit.

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Where to Buy?

Little Mashies are sold in hundreds of health food stores, baby stores, pharmacies and independent grocery stores right around the country as well as internationally.


Little Mashies was created by an Aussie mum over 4 years ago. Mashies containers are now sold all over the world and have been given the thumbs up by thousands of mums. It's not just the cute monster design that makes Mashies the best, every aspect of the product and the business is done with only one goal in mind; how can we achieve the highest quality possible to make feeding children healthy food as easy as possible. In every way possible we strive to continually supersede quality benchmarks. We are always thinking of new ways we can make your life easier, and your little ones health and well being is our priority. We don't just give you a product, we give you a community of support too.

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