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Fridge Storage Bundle

$99.00 $154.00

The ultimate fridge storage bundle to finally rid your life of single use plastic wrap and disposable storage bags! Use the XL and L wraps to cover salads, cheese platters, or wrap sandwiches. The bowl covers are awesome for leftovers and and the leftover lids are for leftover pieces of fruit or vegetables! Say goodbye to all those waste half lemons, and half eaten apples! And finally our incredible Little Mashies storage bags keep food fresher for longer. Pop your salad greens, vegetables or herbs in there and get so much more life out of them. Want to freeze leftovers? The storage bags are also perfect for that, as well as doing bulk smoothie prep at the start of the week! Get organised and plastic free with our ultimate fridge bundle!


SAVE $55!!!

1 x XL Reusable Wrap (30cm x 30cm) $12.95

2 x L Reusable Wrap (25cm x 25cm) $21.95

6 x Reusable Bowl Covers (6.5cm to 20.5cm) $24.95

4 x Leftover Lids (various sizes) $19.95

2 x 1000ml Reusable Food Fresh Storage Bags $39.90

1 x 500ml Reusable Food Fresh Storage Bag $14.95

2 x Organic Cotton Bags $19.95

SAVE $55!!! Thats over 30% OFF!

Little Mashies reusable storage bag Little Mashies large reusable food wrapLittle Mashies extra large food wrap Little Mashies Reusable Bowl Covers