Little Mashies Baby Food Recipe Book: The Complete Guide (printed edition)

Little Mashies Baby Food Recipe Book: The Complete Guide (printed edition)

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To give your baby the best start in life we think that the best nourishment is home cooked, fresh meals made from quality produce. And it's not hard at all. Our 100+ page printed recipe book will help you get started on your journey with introducing solid foods to your baby. With full-color images and step by step instructions, feeding your baby healthy nutritious food has never been easier.

Most baby food from the supermarket is heated to such high temperatures that much of the nutrients are lost! Many are packed with sweet fruit and vegetables under the guise that babies need sweet foods. That's not true! If you feed your baby vegetables they will learn the taste, it's as simple as that! What we feed our children in the early years shapes their relationship with food often right through to adulthood. 

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Best purchase I have made POSTED BY CHARMAINE
I brought these for my very very very fussy eater he only eats 4 different foods one is yoghurt in a squeeze and only one brand I thought these might work one because they are the same colour as that brand and two he can't see what's inside. No arguments so they are a hit in my house. 


We Are Very happy With Little Mashies POSTED BY SHER
We are very happy with the Little Mashies reusable pouch system. It's a great comfort to know that my baby is eating quality homemade food and the convenience of these pouches makes that so much easier. They are so easy to use and clean, I couldn't be happier!


I purchased these for my 7 month old and I'm very impressed... So are my elder two children who also just had to help try them out ;) They seal very securely, are easy to clean, seem durable and the designs are very cute! So much easier to use than trying to spoon feed an overeager hungry baby. A lot less messy too!


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