Ok so after hundreds of emails I've finally decided just to give you all of our baby food recipes in one printable document free of charge, delivered straight to your email inbox and with no catches. 

To grab all the recipes just CLICK HERE you will need to put in your email address > I will never sell your info or publish it or use it in any other way other than giving you my recipes. I'm also happy for you to share my recipes with your friends, my goal is to help so sharing is caring.

If you don't want all my recipes in printable format you can view some of them just by going through the pages under the BABY INFO tab above. The ones under TODDLER FOOD are delicious and in the FOOD POUCH RECIPES tab you will have loads of baby puree ideas for introducing solid foods to your little one. 

A bit about me - I invented Little Mashies squeeze containers almost 5 years ago because I wanted to give my daughter Ariella the best baby food possible (which of course is home made). Little Mashies are now sold in hundreds of stores and we ship worldwide via Amazon and our online store, so we are helping parents on all corners of the globe. Super exciting for me!!! Over the years I've really become passionate about helping new parents feed their children in the easiest and most convenient way without sacrificing nutrition so I've developed quite a few recipe books and written feeding tips for some popular parenting magazines. My squeeze containers are great because they can be used up to 100 times, are BPA free and allow you to pop in any smooth food (baby food, yoghurt, smoothies, chia puddings etc) when you are out and about. They also save loads of money because buying pre-packaged squeezy food is expensive! If you are interested in learning a bit more about my story and background feel free to check out the ABOUT US page.


Talisha Kendell (aka Little Mashies baby food recipe queen)